Shopping Spree!

Yay shopping! I’m like most other girls in that I enjoy shopping and I probably spend more money than necessary every time I go. I always fall into the trap of “but wait I need this”! Shopping is especially fun when you are buying new tools for your kitchen!

Even though I bake/cook all the time, my kitchen is not fully stocked with all of the essentials. In most situations, I just use what I have and make the best out of it. An upgrade is never bad though!

What did I buy?


Cookie Sheets

Some if you are probably saying, “how do you not have cookie sheets yet still bake cookies? That’s impossible!” Yes, that probably would be impossible. I do have cookies sheets, but they are old and worn out so I bought some fresh new ones.

Whenever I buy cookie sheets I like to buy non-stick. I mainly do this because I do not want to have to worry about having parchment paper on hand or cookie mats. It’s just easier for me this way.

Cutting Boards

Again, cutting boards are something that I already had, but my old ones weren’t very sturdy and were starting to break. The old boards were wood as well, but they were significantly thinner and one actually split into two pieces! These boards are much thicker and I like that they came in three different sizes.

Garlic Press

FINALLY! I have lacked a garlic press for the last year I have been living in my apartment and I’m not saying you can’t live without one, but having one and is just so much better!

Garlic cloves are so sticky and it’s difficult to mince the garlic with a knife and actually get it into such small pieces. This tool is basically a life saver for me.

Pastry Blender

Now this tool is not as essential as most of the others, but it is very useful! Most recipes for pie doughs, biscuits or croissants will recommend using this tool. The benefit of having this is delicious, flaky and buttery layers of goodness. Now who doesn’t want that?

Vegetable Spiralizer

This tool required a simple cost-benefit analysis. First, I determined that I didn’t need the large $30 spiralizer because I wouldn’t use it that often. Second, I determined that I could benefit from buying the smaller one. Third, I determined there was an actual benefit because if I bought pre-spiralized zucchini from the grocery store its about $4-$5 per time, but individual zucchinis are only $1-$2. Therefore, I save money in the long run by buying the spiralizer.

This is what I told myself at least to make myself believe it is worth spending $8 on a spiralizer.

Food Processor

This one is up there with the garlic press. A food processor is something that I have been complaining about wanting/needing and then never getting. Whenever a recipe tells me to put ingredients in a food processor, depending on how small they want it, I typically either just try to cut it up super small or throw it in the blender. I could have kept using either of those methods, but having a food processor and knowing I can use it whenever I need it just made more sense to me.

All of these were NOT necessities!

I in no way want to make anyone feel as though they have to go out and buy the exact tools that a recipe say to use just to make the recipe. It is perfectly fine to improvise and I recommend doing it for as long as you have to! I received a gift card from a family member who gave it to me intentionally so I could buy more baking equipment/tools. If they had not given it to me, I would still be doing what I could with what I have.

That being said, I am extremely excited to start testing out my new goods and making plenty of treats for you all to enjoy! I actually have already tested out the garlic press, cutting boards and the baking sheets.

I hope you all enjoyed this little update.


Happy Baking!

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