Sofritas Bowl

Do you like Chipotle? Well if you do and you’re vegetarian, then you’re in luck! Now you can make your own sofritas bowl without having to go to Chipotle! If you’re not vegetarian or you have never been to Chipotle and have no clue what sofritas are, that’s okay, keep reading and you’ll see! Sofritas are […]

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Baked Penne

Another easy recipe coming at you! Pasta is one of those foods that I feel as though everyone likes. Yes, some people might not like certain sauces on their pasta, but overall, is there anyone who doesn’t like pasta? This is just a simple baked penne recipe for everyone to enjoy! You could add your […]

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Shopping Spree!

Yay shopping! I’m like most other girls in that I enjoy shopping and I probably spend more money than necessary every time I go. I always fall into the trap of “but wait I need this”! Shopping is especially fun when you are buying new tools for your kitchen! Even though I bake/cook all the […]

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