Bianca Pizza

I’ve definitely said this before, but pizza is basically it’s own food group. There are so many different options for toppings and how to make it. Sometimes the basics are the best though. I’m not going to argue about if red or white pizza is better, but I will say that when it comes to […]

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Chicken in Creamy Garlic Sauce

I’m not going to tell you how to live your life, but if you’re looking for something to make for dinner this week, I highly suggest this recipe. Especially if you are a fan of garlic! I mean honestly, for me, garlic could be its own food category. I was watching a cooking video the […]

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Garlic Rolls

Almost every dinner recipe could be served with some form of bread. I mean, most restaurants give you some type of bread to start (which you consequently fill up on and then don’t eat you meal). Although I’m used to making dough and bread, I’ve never really tried making rolls. One night when I planned […]

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