Thanksgiving Pies

Thanksgiving is here and that means the season for sweets and treats has started! Tomorrow will be filled with family, friends and delicious food. In preparation for tomorrow’s feast, I will be spending today in the kitchen making pies, but not the traditional ones.

All the recipes, with pictures included, will be posted in the following days and will be linked to this post once published.

Cinnamon Roll Apple Pie

Instead of your typical apple pie or apple crumb pie, with your standard crust, this apple pie is going to be different. By popular demand of my family members, I will be testing out an apple pie recipe that uses cinnamon rolls as the crust! One of my family members found this recipe on Facebook and insisted I test it out.

Pecan Pie Bars

For some crazy reason, not many of my family members like Pecan Pie, which blows my mind. Quite a few years back, I tried pecan pie for the first time and I fell in love! This year, I decided to test out some Pecan Pie Bars to switch things up a little bit.

Pumpkin Pie

Okay, I might have lied slightly; this is going to be a traditional pumpkin pie. It doesn’t get much better than traditional pumpkin pie.

Within the next few days, I will be posting these recipes and then hopefully you can test them out at your upcoming holiday parties!

What’s your favorite holiday pie? Let me know in the comments below!


Happy Baking!

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